Enterprise level solutions, that fit your business.

With Shopify Plus, we allow your business to focus their resources on their goals, and not your technology. With no limits on your products, sales, storage, bandwidth, or load, Shopify Plus is a highly capable ecommerce platform.

Dedicated Support

Get Access to 24/7 Support with your Shopify Plus Success Managers. Dedicated Support Members ensure that your transition to Shopify Plus is smooth, fast, and painless.

Rapid Execution

Go from zero to launch faster than ever before. Sovi Creative's laser focus on Shopify Plus execution can offer quicker timelines without sacrificing quality.

Unrestricted Capabilities

Customize more than ever to meet even the most complex business requirements with Shopify Scripts, access to exclusive API endpoints, and increased API limits.

Performance & Reliability

Sleep soundly at night knowing you're covered even with thousands of orders per minute, all while offering certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliance with continuous risk management.

Focus on what matters

Spend less time on developent and maintenance and more time on what drives customers to your store: User Experience, Design, Content Strategy, and Conversion optimization

No Transaction Fees

Shopify Plus offers flat monthly pricing with no limit on transactions, catalog size, revenue, bandwidth, or orders. Be as successful as you can be on the platform without penalty.

Whether you’re making a million a year or a million a day, Shopify Plus is built to make commerce simpler, more reliable, and to keep you ahead of every shift in buyer behavior.

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