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  • Conversion Rate Optimization

    Are your website visitors dropping off? Looking to increase sales from your website? This meet-up is for you. Join us for a night of conversion rate optimization where our panelists will be sharing the latest CRO trends and optimization techniques from industry experts.

  • Facebook Retail Panel

    We know your to-do list is longer than Santa’s snowy white beard, but we’ve compiled a group of expert panelists to help you properly make your list and check it twice. Join us on December 6th for Shopify Meetup TO: Holiday edition! We’ll give you insight on how to get yourself ready for the upcoming Holiday season.

  • Advertising With Google

    If you’re a store owner, wanting to move to improve your acquisition strategies, this event is for you. Network and grow your business!

  • After the Order Efficiencies

    You work tirelessly to come up with concepts to push customers down the purchase funnel, but what happens after they hit the buy button? With the help of eBridge Connections and ShipStation we’ve put together an incredibly informative evening to help you develop the best strategies around what you can do after the order has been placed.

  • An Evening With Mailchimp

    The fantastic team at MailChimp will present & discuss how brands can integrate and utilize customer data to personalize, optimize, and automate your email marketing efforts and, ultimately, sell more goods.

  • Marketing Automation

    The only place busier than a business owner’s calendar is Heathrow airport. And even then we have our doubts. So, we've compiled a knowledgeable panel to help you get a better grasp on automating your business. We're asking the right questions so you can learn how to survive when even your coffee needs a coffee.

  • Holiday Preparations QnA

    We’ve set ‘Merchants’ and ‘Specialists’ up on a blind date and they’ve never been happier. This Meetup was sanctioned to open the door for you, pull out your chair and have you home before curfew. We’ve put a panel of experts together to answer all your Ecommerce questions and open up valuable discussion.


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